Dive Into the World of Infiesto: A Netflix Film Directed By Patxi Amezcua

Released on Netflix on February 3, 2023, Infiesto is a dark police thriller linked to the world of sects that falls short of expectations due to numerous problems. Directed and written by Patxi Amezcua, Infiesto centers around two police inspectors, Samuel García (Isak Ferriz) and Castro (Iria del Río), who are assigned to a case of mysterious disappearances in the small mining town of Infiesto.

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Uncover the Hidden Meaning of Infiesto - A Netflix Film Directed By Patxi Amezcua

Criticism of Infiesto, a Netflix film directed and written by Patxi Amezcua

Unfortunately, Infiesto fails to arouse the interest of the viewer due to its lack of imagination and originality. The writing is weak and the plot is filled with implausible situations, ineffective twists, and uninspired dialogue. The performances of the two leads, Isak Ferriz and Iria del Río, are wooden and unconvincing, and they fail to evoke any empathy in the viewer.

The movie also suffers from a lack of setting and atmosphere. The story takes place in a small mining town in Asturias, but there is no sense of place; the characters have no local accents, and the only trace of Asturian culture is a single character played by Luis Zahera, who is actually Galician.

In addition, Infiesto relies heavily on stock characters and tropes, making it feel formulaic and predictable. The plot is telegraphed from the start, and the resolution of the mystery is unsatisfying and unconvincing.

Overall, Infiesto is a disappointing and uninspired police thriller that fails to capture the viewer’s attention. The writing is weak, the performances are unconvincing, and the setting and atmosphere are nonexistent. As a result, Infiesto fails to live up to its potential and is ultimately an unsatisfying viewing experience.

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